About us

Frezia Fleur - Veronika KutnarováFrezia Fleur Weddings is a young dynamic company which under the guidance of Mgr. Veronika Kutnarová has become the leader in the field of wedding design and floral wedding decoration.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to have a stylish, modern, vintage wedding, or a wedding styled to a particular theme. Frezia Fleur Weddings will advise you on how best to achieve the desired effect. Based on the information obtained, it will prepare an original design directly tailored to you. In addition to flowers and flower decorations it will also provide stylish décors and accessories, will create thematic and exciting corners.

Frezia Fleur Weddings is a floral studio which approaches each customer individually and with a flair for detail. It can satisfy even a demanding clientele and each composition created by their hands is a small piece of art.

A wedding is an important step into life, and the selection of style, colour, theme, but also the vendor, should particularly represent the newlyweds and their view of the world. Since the flowers and wedding design affect the entire wedding atmosphere and constitute an important part of this day, they deserve the best care of professionals.

FAQ or what you should know before you visit us

Who is your typical client?

Our typical client expects a professional, but above all an individual approach from us. Most of the time, he or she has only little idea of what he or she wants. During the consultation, we jointly expand the idea into the overall concept, or advise and conceive a personalised original concept. Then we provide the flowers and provide the turnkey decoration directly at the wedding venue.

What are you able to ensure?

In addition to a bouquet for the bride and other accessory flowers, lapel flowers for the groom and escort, floral jewelry, hair wreaths, myrtles, pet decorations and more …, we will be happy to make floral arrangements for you and to rent various decorations (vases, lamps, lanterns, fabrics, candles, chandeliers, tiny decorations, etc.). In addition, we are able to design the complete wedding to the smallest detail.

Do you also provide wedding decorations outside Prague?

The seat of our company is located in Prague, but we provide weddings throughout the country and abroad as well. Outside Prague mostly at popular wedding locations such as Chateau Mcely, Chateau Herálec, Chateau Liblice, Residence Liběchov, Štiřín, Hluboká, Všetice, Chateau Radíč, Chateau Berchtold, Chateau Třebešice …

How much money should I have for the decoration?

The range of decorations and the quantity of flowers depend on the individual requirements and financial possibilities of the newlyweds. Generally speaking, it is appropriate to spend about 10% of the total wedding budget for floral decorations. However, it is always a good idea to clarify in advance the maximum amount the newlyweds are willing to invest in the decoration. This information will very much facilitate the overall negotiations and even the calculation and design of the materials used, taking this factor into account.

When can I come to a consultation?

It is advisable to come to a consultation at the time when the engaged couple has determined the wedding date and the bride has chosen a wedding dress (not necessarily a condition). The meeting is to be arranged in advance. It is appropriate to bring a photograph of the wedding dress and anything that impresses the engaged couple (wedding invitation, inspirational photos from the Internet or magazines, photos of decorations, hairstyle, makeup and anything else). On the basis of this information and a personal consultation, we will be able to create an original, personalised design for the wedding.

We look forward to you